Young Ashbourne Singers (YAS)

wpb12c8543_05YAS is a fun choir for local young people who love singing

Young Ashbourne Singers (YAS) is the junior section of the Singers.  YAS take part in all main concerts, performing jointly with the adult choir; through this, they learn how to perform in front of large audiences and as part of a large musical setting.  They also perform on their own and sometimes take part in local events.

The objective of YAS is to encourage young people to discover and develop a love of singing by performing all types of music.  Members are encouraged eventually join the adult choir when they are mature enough.

Membership of YAS means that youngsters have an excellent start in musical education and increased confidence through performance experience.  Under professional musical direction members learn new songs and singing techniques.  It is also a great way to make new friends

Young Ashbourne Singers is open to children above the age of eight years.  Rehearsals take place on Tuesdays 6.00pm to 7.00pm during term time at St John’s Church, Buxton Hill, Ashbourne or the Methodist Church, Ashbourne.

There are twelve practices and at least one concert per term.  The subscription is £30 per term per child.   Anyone interested in joining is encouraged to just come along for couple of weeks for free without any commitment.

Sheet music will be loaned to the children and should be returned when requested, in good condition.  

Ashbourne Singers is a registered charity and we take great care to ensure that young people are in a safe and secure environment.  One of our trustees is designated as our child protection officer, during concerts, photographs and recordings may be taken and we seek parents’ and guardians’ permission to use these in the local press and on this website.